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  • Who is the service for?
    The service is aimed at Market Participants with interest in Debt Capital Markets . Our prime focus is Liability Managment. This could be of use to: Issuers, Agents, Dealer Managers, Lawyers, Custodians, Intermediaries, Bondholders and also a variety of other related services such as Corporate Service Proviers and Trustees.
  • What services do you provide?
    Brook Beech Limited provides news, aggregation and analytics for global liability management deals. The service allows market participants to monitor the global LM market, view the latest news, link to source material, view upcoming deadlines and digest analytics - all in one place.
  • Is the news service live?
    The news service should not be treated as a 'Live' service. With that said Brook Beech endeavors to update all news items in a timely fashion, with this being multiple times a day. Notifications are sent to all registered users when an item is added. Members can turn off these notifications if preferred. Analytics are currently updated monthly, usually within a week of month end. For the period of the 'Beta' version of the website, only data upto March 2023 will be available.
  • What information is provided within each news item?
    Typcially we will include a summary of the announcement. This may include snippets of the notices or tables of the securites. We use our experience to provide what we believe is the most useful information. In general we do not provide the full notice details. A source link is provided so you can access the full document. Users should always use the original documentation/notices before making any decisions. We welcome feedback from the community as to any information you would like to see summarised. Each news item is also categorised, typically by deal type and region.
  • Is registration to the website free?
    Yes. It is free to register with the website. All registrations are subject to approval by Brook Beech. For the period of the Beta test, this will give you access to most areas of the website.
  • Do I need to link to a plan once logged in?
    Some areas of the website may require that you sign up to a particular plan. Once logged in, the website will direct you as needed. For free plans, it will involve a click of a button. For paid subscription plans it will require relevant payment details.
  • How do I turn off the e-mail notifications?
    Once logged in, your name will appear in the top right of the screen. Click on 'My Account' via the dropdown. Then choose 'Settings' and then 'Unsubscribe' to Blog Subscription. You can also activate/deactivate other notification settings from here.
  • Can we be listed as a service provider?
    Please contact us if you would like to be listed as a Service Provider. You can contact us via the Contact link at the bottom of this page, or via e-mail to:
  • Where can we provide feedback and/or submit requests for service improvements?
    We welcome all feedback on how we can improve our service, in order to make it as useful to you as possible. Please click the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page.
  • What criteria do you use for the Analytics?
    Our prime focus at the moment is Liability Management. These are generally voluntary corporate action events related to Debt Instruments. Typically: Tender Offers, Consent Solicitations, Notice of Meetings, and Exchange Offers. For our analytics we split by region. The region in the first instance is assigned to one of the three main dealer manager hubs. Note that this may differ from the location of the Issuer. If there is no Dealer Manager we will assess based on; Issuer Location, Bond Type or Agent Location. Amounts attributed to Agents are the Amounts Outstanding (USD Equivalent). Amounts attributed to Dealer Managers are the Amounts Outstanding, divided equally by the number of Dealar Managers on the transaction. We also split the data by Sector. The date is also available in excel format, where the user can reconfigure the data as required. US Municipals are currently not included in our analysis or news reporting.
  • How often are the analytics updated?
    We release the Analytics monthly. Usually within a week of Month End. For the Beta version, only data to March 2023 is available.
  • Do you offer advertising or marketing space on your website?
    Please contact us if you would like to discuss advertising or marketing requirements. You can contact us via the link at the bottom of this page, or via e-mail at:
  • Do you facilitate "Featured Articles" for LM related transactions, insights or marketing?
    We welcome requests from users to submit articles related to the Debt Capital Markets and Liability Management. Please contact us to discuss any upcoming requirements. These articles can be treated as "Featured Articles" on our site - and take precedence over everyday news.
  • Is the service free?
    It is free to register with the website. Registration is subject to approval by Brook Beech. Registration will allow you access to some areas of the site. Some areas of the site may be restricted and require joining a Plan. Plans may also be free, but could require a subscription.
  • Is there a mobile App available?
    At the moment there is not an App. We are assessing this developent. The website is formatted to accomodate viewing options via mobile devices (IOS/SAFARI) so it can be viewed on the move. Some Android formats may not provide user friendly mobile access.
  • Can I cancel my subscription or plan?
    Yes. You can cancel your membership, plan or subscription at any time. Once logged in, click the drop down by your name. Click on 'My Subscriptions'. Then click on 'Cancel Subscription'.
  • How do we notify Brook Beech of a transaction that is missing from the Analytics?
    Sometimes there may be transactions that we miss. If you are a Market Participant involved in a transaction, and have noticed that we have not recorded your deal (in News or Analytics), please feel free to forward any relevant public information. We will assess the deal. If approved we will then add to our deal database. Please forward to:
  • Does the content on the Twitter feed match the news feed on the website?
    Not entirely. The news we mention on the Twitter feed will only show select announcements at this stage. The Twitter feed may also include content less directly related to Liability Mangement, and for example could include more content related to technology developements in DCM, noteworthly restructurings, CBDCs, Crypto or other loosely connected topics.
  • Do you provide registration and/or payment plans for Groups/Teams/Institutions?
    Should you wish to join a plan as a group, please contact us for details. We can offer various packages depending on the number of people that form your group/team. We can also offer more standard non-subscription payment mechanisms, such as invoices, if required.

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