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Our forums are available across 3 main categories:

Public - Everyone

Any site visitor can view the category and posts.  Must be logged in as a Site Member to post.

Public - Site Members


Members must log in to view posts.  They can also post.



You can (via Brook Beech) give specific people access to "your" forum (must be members of the site overall)

You can give specific types of roles access to the forum (e.g. "UK Custodians"/"Agents")

You can also opt to hide the forum category from anyone that does not have access.

When posting, your 'Display Name' will be shown by your post.  You can use a display name that is different from your sign in details if preferred.  You can amend this by going in to your 'My Account' section via the log in icon.

Please contact us, should you wish to create your own bespoke forum. 

Brook Beech Ltd reserves the right to remove posts or categories.  Please see our Terms of Use for further information.

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