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Arabian Centres Company - Tender Offer 2024 (XS) - Launch

Arabian Centres Company announces Tender Offer for its outstanding USD 500,000,000 Trust Certificates due 2024 - XS2076168348

27 FEBRUARY 2024

Full announcement including disclaimers and offer/distribution restrictions available via TISE

Arabian Centres Company (the "Company") has today launched an invitation to holders of the outstanding certificates detailed below (the "Certificates"), which were issued by Arabian Centres Sukuk Limited (the "Issuer"), to tender any and all of such Certificates for purchase by the Company for cash (the "Offer"), subject to satisfaction of the New Financing Condition (as defined below) and the other conditions described in the Tender Offer Memorandum (as defined below).

* Only Certificates represented by the Regulation S Global Certificate (ISIN: XS2076168348) are the subject of, and may be tendered pursuant to the Offer. Certificates represented by the Rule 144A Global Certificate (ISIN: US03847PAA30) are not the subject of, and may not be tendered pursuant to, the Offer.


"Rationale for the Offer

The Group is (subject to the New Financing Condition), among other objectives, currently seeking to optimise its liability portfolio and reduce the cost of its outstanding liabilities. To support these objectives, the Group wishes to use the proceeds of the New Certificates (as defined below) to reduce the amount of its outstanding liabilities."



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