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European Investment Bank - Consent Solicitation - Launch (LIBOR)


For the attention of the Bondholders

of the USD 123,000,000 CMS Steepener Bonds due 22 June 2038

(ISIN No: XS1839117915) (the "Series 2352 Bonds")

of the USD 150,000,000 CMS Steepener Bonds due 17 August 2038

(ISIN No: XS1864525420) (the "Series 2361 Bonds")

of the USD 114,000,000 CMS Steepener Bonds due 25 October 2038

(ISIN No: XS1894119871) (the "Series 2366 Bonds")

(each a "Series" and, together, the "Bonds")

issued by the European Investment Bank (the "Issuer")

under its Debt Issuance Programme (the "Programme")

22 JUNE 2023

Full announcement including disclaimers and offer restrictions available via Luxse (Source: European Investment Bank)


Summary details of the Bonds



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