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Grupo Pikolin, S.L - Meeting of Bondholders (ES) - Launch

General Assemblies of the Syndicate of Bondholders of the Bond Issues of GRUPOPIKOLIN, S.L - ES0205072004 - ES0205072020 - ES0305072011

21 NOVEMBER 2023

Full announcement including disclaimers and offer/distribution restrictions available via IssuerSolutions

"Bondholders, S.L., in its capacity as commissioner of the Syndicate of Bondholders of the securities identified below, following instructions from GrupoPikolin, S.L., as Issuer of the securities, summons the bondholders to the General Assembly of the Syndicate to be held in Zaragoza, Ronda de Ferrocarril, 24 - Plataforma Logística Zaragoza, to vote on the proposals contained in the Agenda of the calls that have been published on the website of the MARF as a Relevant Fact on December 21, 2023 and which can also be downloaded by clicking on the links below." (see IssuerSolutions for links)


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