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Heeton Holdings Limited - Exchange Offer - Launch

to the holders of its

S$70,300,000 6.80 Per Cent. Fixed Rate Notes Due 2023 comprised in Series 005

(ISIN: SGXF19284094) (the "Existing Notes")

issued pursuant to the S$300,000,000 Multicurrency Debt Issuance Programme (the "Programme") of Heeton Holdings Limited

30 MARCH 2023

Full announcement with full disclosures and disclaimers available via SGX

"NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by Heeton Holdings Limited ("Heeton") that it hereby invites Noteholders to make an offer to exchange ("Offers to Exchange" and each an "Offer to Exchange" shall be construed accordingly) to Heeton, any and all outstanding Existing Notes held by the Noteholders (together with an amount in cash of S$20,000 for each S$180,000 in principal amount of Existing Notes offered for exchange (the "Cash Top-Up Amount")) for, in respect of each S$180,000 in principal amount of Existing Notes, S$200,000 in principal amount of Singapore dollar-denominated Fixed Rate Notes due 2026 (the "New Notes”) to be issued by Heeton pursuant to the Programme, subject to the terms and conditions in the Exchange Offer Memorandum referred to below (the "Invitation"). Heeton may, in its sole and absolute discretion, accept or reject any or all Offers to Exchange."



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