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JAB Holdings B.V. - Tender Offer - Launch - DE

JAB Holdings B.V. announces a tender offer in respect of its EUR 500,000,000 1.000 per cent. Notes due 2031 (ISIN: DE000A3KPTG6)

15 MAY 2023

Full announcement including disclaimers and offer restrictions available via Luxse

"15 May 2023. JAB Holdings B.V. (the "Company") announces today an invitation to eligible holders of its outstanding EUR 500,000,000 1.000 per cent. Notes due 2031 (the "Notes) issued by the Company with an unconditional and irrevocable guarantee by JAB Holding Company S.à r.l. (the "Guarantor"), to tender such Notes for purchase by the Company for cash up to the Maximum Acceptance Amount (as described below) and subject to the conditions described in the Tender Offer Memorandum (the "Offer").

The Offer is being made on the terms and subject to the conditions contained in a tender offer memorandum dated 15 May 2023 (the "Tender Offer Memorandum") prepared by the Company and is subject to the Offer and Distribution Restrictions set out below and as more fully described in the Tender Offer Memorandum.

Copies of the Tender Offer Memorandum are (subject to distribution restrictions) available from the Tender Agent as set out below. Capitalised terms used in this announcement but not defined herein have the meanings given to them in the Tender Offer Memorandum."

Summary of the Offer


"Rationale for the Offer

The purpose of the Offer is, amongst other things, to proactively manage the Company's debt redemptions.

Notes purchased by the Company pursuant to the Offer are expected to be cancelled and will not be re-issued or re-sold."


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