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Lendinvest Secured Income II PLC - Exchange Offer - Launch

Launch of 11.5% Bonds due 2026 and Exchange Offer


Full announcement including disclaimers and offer restrictions available via Lonse

"LendInvest Secured Income II plc (the "Issuer"), an indirectly wholly-owned subsidiary of LendInvest plc ("LendInvest" or the "Guarantor"), announces today an offer of 11.5% Notes due 2026 (the "New Bonds") together with an exchange offer (the "Exchange Offer") to holders of the 5.375 per cent. Notes due 2023 (the "Existing Bonds") issued by LendInvest Secured Income plc to exchange their Existing Bonds for the New Bonds."


"The Exchange Offer

Together with the launch of the offer for the New Bonds, the Issuer and the Guarantor have published an Exchange Offer Memorandum and Prospectus to invite holders of the Existing Bonds to offer their Existing Bonds in exchange for New Bonds.

Holders of the Existing Bonds should contact their broker if they want to offer their Existing Bonds for exchange or, if they need any assistance, can contact Kroll Issuer Services at or on 020 7704 0880."



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