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Marks and Spencer plc - Tender Offer - Launch

Marks and Spencer plc announces Tender Offers for its outstanding:

£300,000,000 3.000 per cent. Notes due 2023 (XS1531151253) (the 2023 Notes)


£400,000,000 4.750 per cent. Notes due 2025 (XS0863523030) (the 2025 Notes)


£300,000,000 3.750 per cent. Notes due 2026 (XS2258453369) (the 2026 Notes and, together with the 2023 Notes and the 2025 Notes, the Notes and each a Series)

24 MAY 2023

Full announcement available via Lonse

"Marks and Spencer plc (the Company) announces today invitations to holders of its outstanding Notes to tender their Notes for purchase by the Company for cash (each, an Offer and together, the Offers)."


"Rationale for the Offers

The Offers are being made as part of the Company's liability management relating to debt maturities and cost of debt"



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