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MBA COMMUNITY LOANS PLC - Series 118 - Consent Solicitation - Launch - LIBOR

MBA COMMUNITY LOANS PLC (incorporated with limited liability in Ireland under registered number 486917) Legal Entity Identifier (LEI): 6354005COMAJVTF3BZ29

announces a consent solicitation and proposal to all holders (the “Noteholders”) of its outstanding USD 3,712,087 Series 118 Notes due 2029 issued under its €1,000,000,000 Note Programme (ISIN: XS1539589801) (the “Notes”).

22 MARCH 2023

Full announcement including disclaimers and offer restrictions available via Euronext.

"22 March 2023: MBA Community Loans PLC (the “Issuer”) announces an invitation (the “Solicitation”) to holders of the Notes to consent to the modification of the terms and conditions of the Notes (the “Conditions”), as proposed by the Issuer (the “Proposed Amendments”), all as further described in the Consent Solicitation Statement prepared by the Issuer dated 22 March 2023 (the “Consent Solicitation Statement”)."


"The Solicitation and Proposed Amendments

The Issuer is inviting Noteholders to approve by Electronic Voting Instruction certain amendments to the Conditions as more fully described in the Consent Solicitation Statement. If approved, the effect of the Proposed Amendments will be:

(i) to substitute CME Term SOFR for USD 3 Month LIBOR as the Base Rate applicable to the Notes;

(ii) to amend the Target Interest Rate applicable to the Notes from 4.2% above the Base Rate to 4.2% above the sum of the Base Rate plus the Adjustment Spread (being 0.26161% per annum), or 4.2% where the sum of the Base Rate plus the Adjustment Spread has a negative value; and

(iii) to amend the Target Interest Rate Determination Date applicable to each Interest Period applicable to the Notes to be whichever of the following dates falls on or immediately precedes the beginning of that Interest Period the 8th day of January; the 8th day of April; the 8th day of July; or the 8th day of October provided that if any such day is not a Business Day, the preceding Business Day shall be designated as the Target Interest Rate Determination Date."


"Consent Fee

No consent fee will be payable in connection with the Solicitation."

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