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Natwest Markets Plc - LIBOR Transition

NatWest Markets Plc - Implentation of Sucessor Rate and Adjustment Spread

28 FEBRUARY 2023

Full announcement available via EURONEXT.

NatWest Markets Plc

Notice of implementation of Successor Rate and Adjustment Spread

in relation to

USD Floating Rate Notes, due August 30, 2024

(ISIN: XS2045173395)

(the "Notes")

"NatWest Markets Plc (the "Issuer") notes the announcements by the Financial Conduct Authority [1] and ICE Benchmark Administration [2] on 5 March 2021 regarding the future cessation and loss of representativeness of certain LIBOR benchmarks."


"Today the Issuer executed the supplemental trust deed to effect the implementation of the "Successor Rate" and "Adjustment Spread" and related changes in respect of the Notes."

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