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Nyfosa AB - Cash Tender Offer - Launch (SE)

Nyfosa issues a green bond of MSEK 850 (and announces Tender Offer)

05 APRIL 2023

Full announcement including disclosures and disclaimers, available via Nyfosa


"In conjunction with the contemplated issue of the New Green Bonds, Nyfosa will offer holders of the bonds with ISIN SE0015811385 and maturity in April 2024 (the “Bonds”) to participate in a tender offer for cash where Nyfosa repurchases the Bonds at a price of 100 percent of the nominal amount plus accrued but unpaid interest (the “Tender Offer”). The Tender Offer expires at 12:00 CEST on 11 April 2023 unless extended, re-opened, withdrawn or terminated at the sole discretion of the Company. Settlement of the Tender Offer is expected to occur on or about 14 April 2023 and is expected to, as far as possible, coincide with the settlement of the New Green Bonds.

The Tender Offer is conditional upon a successful issue of the New Green Bonds and the conditions described in the Tender Information Document (as defined below). The Tender Offer will be limited to a total nominal amount of the New Green Bonds. Further information regarding the Tender Offer is available in a document dated 5 April 2023 (" Tender Information Document") which is available in English at Nyfosa’s webpage, /en."

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