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PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) TBK – Tender Offer - Launch

PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) TBK Announces Tender Offer for its 2031 Notes - XS2568752682 and its 2031 Sukuk - XS2572292626

01 DECEMBER 2023

Full announcement, including disclaimers and offer/distribution restrictions, available via SGX Group

"PT GARUDA INDONESIA (PERSERO) TBK (the “Company”) announces its separate invitations to the holders of the outstanding: (i) 6.50 per cent. Notes due 2031 (Regulation S ISIN: XS2568752682) issued by the Company (the “Regulation S Notes”) and (ii) Sukuk Limited Trust Certificates due 2031 (ISIN: XS2572292626) issued by Garuda Indonesia Global Sukuk Limited (the “Certificates” and together with the Regulation S Notes, the “Securities) to tender such Securities for purchase by the Company for cash, at a price to be determined pursuant to a separate unmodified Dutch auction in respect of each applicable Securities"



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