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Scandic Hotels Group AB (publ) - Tender Offer (NO) - MDA - Launch

Scandic Hotels Group AB (publ) announces a tender offer (via modified dutch auction) for outstanding SEK convertible bonds up to a maximum nominal amount of SEK 600,000,000 - NO0010968563

14 NOVEMBER 2023

Full announcement including disclaimers and offer/distribution restrictions available via Scandic Hotels Group AB (publ)

"Scandic Hotels Group AB (publ) (“Scandic” or the “Company”) today announces its invitation to holders (including any beneficial owners who hold their convertible bonds via nominees or custodians) (the “Bondholders”) of its outstanding SEK 1,798 million convertible bonds due in October 2024 with ISIN NO0010968563 (the “Convertible Bonds”), to tender their Convertible Bonds for purchase by the Company up to a maximum nominal amount of SEK 600 million (the “Maximum Acceptance Amount”) for cash (the “Tender Offer”)."



"Purpose of the Tender Offer

The Tender Offer is being made as part of the Company’s objective to exercise active management of and to optimize its balance sheet, reduce short term debt and reduce any potential dilution."


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