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UBS Group AG - Tender Offer - Launch

Announcement of tender offer by UBS Group AG of certain debt securities (see table below)

22 MARCH 2023

Full announcement including disclaimers and offer restrictions available via SIX SIS


Pursuant to and in accordance with Condition 13 (Notices) of the applicable Terms and Conditions, the Issuer hereby notifies the holders of Notes that it has announced today invitations to holders of Notes to tender their Notes for purchase for cash, subject to the terms and conditions described in the Tender Offer Memorandum dated 22 March 2023 (the Tender Offer Memorandum ) (each such invitation an Offer and together, the Offers ).


The Notes were recently issued on 17 March 2023 (the Issue Date ). Whilst the Issuer has been in compliance with all of its obligations relating to the Notes since the Issue Date, the Issuer is offering to purchase the Notes at their respective re-offer price in light of the exceptional corporate actions announced on 19 March 2023, shortly after the Issue Date. The Issuer has decided to launch this exercise as a result of a prudent assessment of these recent developments and the Issuer's long-term commitment to its credit investors.



Swiss Security Number ISIN Common Code Description of Notes Aggregate Principal Amount Outstanding

125.591.500 CH1255915006 260025775 4.625 per cent. Fixed Rate/Fixed Rate Callable Senior Notes due March 2028 EUR 1,500,000,000

125.591.501 CH1255915014 260025856 4.750 per cent. Fixed Rate/Fixed Rate Callable Senior Notes due March 2032 EUR 1,250,000,000


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