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Votorantim Cimentos S.A. - Tender Offer 2024 (US) - Launch

Announcement of Tender Offer for Any and All 2027 Notes by St. Marys Cement Inc. (Canada) - US78478EAA64 - USC86068AA80

25 MARCH 2024

Full announcement including disclaimers and offer/distribution restrictions available via Prnewswire

SÃO PAULO, March 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Votorantim Cimentos S.A. ("VCSA") announced today that its subsidiary, St. Marys Cement Inc. (Canada) ("St. Marys"), has commenced a cash tender offer (the "Tender Offer") for any and all of its outstanding 5.750% Notes due 2027 (the "Notes"). The Notes are fully, unconditionally and irrevocably guaranteed by VCSA.

The following table sets forth the material pricing terms of the Tender Offer:



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