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Zenith Energy Ltd - Exchange Offer 2024 (XS) - Launch

Zenith Energy Ltd announces Exchange Offer - XS2108546735 - XS2108546651 - XS2108546578

22 APRIL 2024

Full announcement including disclaimers and offer restrictions available via Zenith Energy

Zenith Energy Ltd. ("Zenith" or the "Company") (LSE: ZEN; OSE: ZENA; OTCQB: ZENAF), the listed international energy production and development company, is pleased to announce the launching of a new Bond Exchange Offer on revised terms (the "Exchange") following the successful conclusion of the first Bond Exchange Offer, as publicly announced on April 11, 2024.


The Exchange is directed to the remaining noteholders (the "Noteholders") of the following unsecured debt instruments that matured on January 27, 2024 (collectively, the "Outstanding Notes"):

·        Euro 10.125% Notes due on 27 January 2024 (XS2108546735)

·        USD 10.300% Notes due on 27 January 2024 (XS2108546651)

·        GBP 10.375% Notes due on 27 January 2024 (XS2108546578)

to offer to exchange (the "Exchange Offer") such Outstanding Notes into the following new notes issued by the Company (the "New Notes"):


·        Euro 14.625% Notes due on 21 May 2026 (the "New EUR Notes")

·        USD 14.800% Notes due on 21 May 2026 (the "New USD Notes")

·        GBP 14.875% Notes due on 21 May 2026 (the "New GBP Notes")"



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