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ØRSTED A/S - Tender Offer 2024 (XS) - Launch

ØRSTED A/S announces Cash Tender Offer - XS1720192696

05 MARCH 2024

Full announcement including disclaimers and offer/distribution restrictions available via Luxse

5 March 2024 – Ørsted A/S (the Offeror) announces today an invitation to holders of its outstanding €500,000,000 Callable Subordinated Capital Securities due 3017 (ISIN: XS1720192696) (the Capital Securities) to tender any and all such Capital Securities for purchase by the Offeror for cash subject to the satisfaction (or waiver) of the New Issue Condition (such invitation, the Offer).


"Holders are advised to read carefully the Tender Offer Memorandum for full details of, and information on the procedures for participating in, the Offer.


A summary of certain key terms relevant to the Offer appears below:


The rationale of the Offer and the intended issuance of New Notes (as defined below) is, amongst other things, to refinance the outstanding Capital Securities and proactively manage the Offeror’s hybrid capital stock. The Offer also provides Holders with the opportunity to switch into the New Notes ahead of the first optional redemption date for the Capital Securities, subject to the selling restrictions contained in the Base Prospectus. The Offeror intends to cancel any Capital Securities purchased by it pursuant to the Offer following the Settlement Date."



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